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When I was young, I always had a notion that the world, that the mindful within it, had a plan, a direction, that was grounded in a level of certainty.

I'm older now, and I've realized that the insanity of my own directions and methods are no more haphazard than the world's or even, say, the universe.

Age seems to provide a unique wisdom about destinies and strategies. And you learn why conspiracy theories have such colorful variety.

It's somewhat simple: nobody knows what they're doing.

That, once you dissolve away the high talk and convictions, everyone and everything with mind enough is still doing, despite the extremes, on a whim - a "why not?"

Human civilization, the consciousness of humanity, is the heart and soul of schizophrenia.

In that light, do I really need to tell you why I'm here?

How about this?

No mission statement, no agendas: just me showing you I'm here, so you can enjoy.


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