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No matter the age, there's but one true truth: people love to have their gods.

Part 1: click here

Part 1: click here or icon to read screenplay.

"Long ago, before any of your ancestors were born, there was an age of wonder. A time when man's works shattered the imagination and his power threatened even God. He defeated death and defiled nature, making himself immortal and twisting life into a monstrosity.

But we were saved from the darkness of man and his genius. His cities were crushed, his works were scattered, and his species was sent back to the dark ages - keeping the world from his clutches forever.

Or so it was hoped. For, though every danger was demolished, the worst was left behind - the Bianox.

It does the simplest, greatest thing: to make a single man God. And, for this atrocity, we have been cursed to war over it till the end of our race."

From the shadows of a world forgotten, it has risen. An army of the old ways: of those genetic monstrosities. It has come to claim the Bianox and win back their future. And, trampling over the medieval kingdoms of new, they will carve and burn their way to God.

The immortals and their forces are losing. Despite their wisdom, they have only faced men. Despite their genius, they are backwards all the same.

It will be up to two men, experienced in killing the horrors from past born, to stop the dark army. They are the Exterminators: professional cleaners of the deadly pests in this new age.

In a time when science has become legend, for right and a fee, the hope of this world rests on two.

Part 2: click here

Part 2: click here or icon to read screenplay.

"From the atomic power of a single microbe to the gravitational pull of the moon. That's what the Bianox owns, that's what his wielder will master: all at once to one atom at a time. Absolute power. If we never had a God then, we would have one now."

...There it forms, at the edge of the Bianox's scorched earth: all those mutant apes with every weapon of man since history born...

"...Nobody leaves this one on their feet..."

"...Things are made into what I need. If I don't need you, you don't need to exist..."

...He looks up this large leathery limb to the man size horns - a mandible. They spread. More fun past them: teeth, fangs - a hundred slimy bone daggers...

...Dropping to her belly, Agatha's limbs curl and she crawls: a spider stalking a glowing fiend...

"...Re-train me all the way. If you win, I don't want to remember I ever was..."

...Agatha spins the barrels to the bridge and, with a thudding rattle, pounds whatever enemy cometh...

...Slimed in his own blood, Greygen crawls from the beasts like moving red phlegm, gagging on every word...

"...You should know something. I fight for the good. And good always wins..."

"...She made her choice. Let them eat her alive..."

...Splitting into two rabid streams, the BLACK BEASTS encircle them, making their wall of fanged flesh...

"...Believe me, after this, you'll know what fear is..."

"...if you lead that withered monster to the Bianox, all nightmares come true..."

...Streams of energy drift from everything to that KEY: even the surrounding BLACK BEASTS. But not one charges. Instead, they curl back, trembling from the light at MAGWITCH's hand...

"...This is where we're all going to die. You know that, right?..."

...He isn't playing anymore. But Razorback never was. It faces him, black-eyed mug grinning red...

"...Be who you are and run..."

"...You think this is what the universe wants? Then I'm not the universe..."

...He sees those white flames billow high: that writhing, ghostly leviathan...

"...When this ends, be far away..."

"...Fate has never been so right..."

"...Remind me to never piss her off again..."

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