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"I'm God's garbage man. I don't have to be nice."

Since the beginning, souls of the damned, of the failed, have been streaming from life back to God's belly... to be digested - recycled. Until the end, when this wanted cancer, humanity, can finally produce God's divine paradox: a lamb of free will.

But these souls, the discarded goats, know their end.

And the cancer is fighting back.

Not demons. Rogue souls. A resistance stronger than Lucifer has formed: hiding within the living, struggling to sabotage God's plan, and save the world from the end.

They can't be stopped. If God exposes himself, sinners would possess full faith. His paradox would be lost.

So he picks a man, a hunter: a man so cold, so mechanical that, with His help, he could systematically dispatch every Rogue on the planet. That man is Richard Palmer (God Dog): an executed serial killer drafted into this one-man war to protect God's plan all the way to Armageddon.

The secret crusade has begun. And the blood on this murderer is now divine.

"Oh, the things we do for love."

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